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how to use
some valuable tips and hints for the usage of iCap


In order to minimize light reflection most effectively pay attention to the following :

Position iCap so that direct sunlight is avoided.
Place the notebook in iCap.
Open up the display far to the back of iCap.
If possible at an angle above 115-120.


Use the tension straps to reduce the opening further

dunkle Kleidung wear dark clothes

how to deal with light

Protect your eyes from sunlight by wearing a baseball cap.

  Avoid sunglasses as this can considerably impact the view of your display

your eyes

iCap is made from waterproof material up to 2000mm.

As long as no water comes through via the front opening, iCap protects your notebook from rain.


vordere Abdeckung The front Cover keeps the rain also from the front opening away.
vordere Abdeckung The side flaps also keep rain away. You should take care that everything is properly closed and rain can not come in. We do not take responsibility for rain, that has entered into the iCap. This case is explicitly out of warranty.

how to deal with rain


iCap is stabilized by the notebook during light wind.
During stronger winds, iCap can be further secured by fastening the iCap with the 2 beltstraps straps on the buckles.


how to deal with wind


iCap is designed to put objects in. It is not suitable for persons, children or animals.
iCap is not meant as a toy.

iCap is not fire resistant. Keep iCap away from all types of fire

don't does

    We are not liable for damages caused by improper use. Further, we are not responsible for damages caused by wind, rain and/or heat.

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